Automoderation Commands

All automoderation commands

The Automoderation Commands

Get the overview of every automoderation function, so you can see what's on/off and you can turn a feature on/off.



Usage of the Command

needed Permissions


whitelist New in version 1.0.0.

+whitelist add/remove <role>

Manage Guild

Role which won't trigger automoderation

mentionspam [BETA] New in version 1.0.0.

+mentionspam on/off

Manage Guild

Detects mention spam


+ghostpings on/off

Manage Guild

Detects every ghostping


+invitelinks on/off

Manage Guild

Deletes every invitelink


+badwords on/off

Manage Guild

Deletes every badword

All automoderation levels and it's actions can be found here.

Be sure that you have the manage-server permission to manage the automoderation system.