FAQ - Crowby

Frequently Asked Questions about the Crowby Bot

What does the Underraid Mode do?

The Underraid Mode will close your whole server, nobody will be able to write anymore, invite others, connect to a voice-channel or react to messages anymore. More about the Underraid Mode

What should I do if I'm sure that I'll get raided soon or I'm already getting raided, due the high joinrate on my discord-server?

No problem. You can prevent yourself easily, if you're sure you'll be raided soon. Just activate the Antijoin or the Joinban Mode, nobody will be able to join your server from now on. Every new member will be kicked instantly, of course you can ban every new member instantly too. Kick every new member with: +antijoin on

Ban every new member with: +joinban on

More about the Antijoin/Joinban Mode

Crowby isn't respondering! What should I do?

First check the permissions, can Crowby see the channel you're typing in, is Crowby even allowed to type back? Check also the permission: "embed links". Crowby still not respondering? - Join our Discord Server & we'll help you!

So much modes! Where can I see which mode's (de)activated now?

You can easily see which mode's activated or deactivated with using the Overview of the Antiraid Modes and of the Automoderation Modes, just type: +antiraid to get an Overview about the Antiraid Modes and +automod to get an Overview about the Automoderation Modes

The Antiraid Overview