The Datekick Feature

What is the Datekick Feature? - How does it help me prevent attacks?

How do I (de)activate the Datekick Feature?

  1. You can easily use your custom prefix, the default prefix and you can also mention Crowby. +datekick on will activate the Datekick Feature.

  2. Deactivate the Datekick Feature with datekick off.

After you activated the Feature.

What will happen if the account of a new member is younger than 14 days?

  1. The Member will be kicked instantly.

  2. The Member will get a private message (Screenshot down below).

After you got kicked, due the Datekick Mode.

Can I change the minimum age of the new accounts joining my server?

Yes, you can, easily type +datekick set <days>to change/set the new minimum age of new accounts.