Every Versionupdates and Botchanges of Crowby!

Crowby 1.0.2


  • The Antiraid-Role feature devides the member count for you server with seven now, we changed the setup design and the management menu for the antiraid role


  • Fixed the random appearing "Message Not Found" error message.

Crowby 1.0.1


  • The Underraid and Close commands are fixed now, before the fix everytime you activated one of the modes it overwrited every other permission of the antiraid roles.

Crowby 1.0.0

Crowby also got a new website with that patch! Check it out here.


  • NEW DESIGN: A new design, a better overview and a simpler usage of Crowby.

  • Logging System: There's a logging feature now! You can define a logchannel and Crowby will send every important changes (e.g. if a mode has been turned on/off, a message has been deleted/edited etc.) in it.

  • Mute Command Performance: The mute command will recognize if someone's rejoining and straightly muting the user on joining your server again, the same for the hardmute command.

  • Mentionspam Command: Anti Mentionspam is a new automoderation feature, it recognizes mentionspam and mute the user who spammed the mentions.

  • Automoderation Levels: There are automoderation levels now, low, medium and high. Learn more

  • Lyrics Command: We added a lyrics command! (As a new fun command)

  • Youtube Comment Command: We added a youtube comment command! (As a new fun command)

  • Hex Command: We added a hex command! (As a utility command)

  • Triggered Command: We added a triggered command! (As a new fun command)

  • Whitelisting a role: You can whitelist a role now, so everybody who has this role, won't trigger the automoderation features then.

  • Report-ID: You'll get an ID for a report/feedback message you sent via Crowby.


  • Removed the Botversion command.

  • Removed the Botstatus command.

  • Removed the Invite command.


  • Missing Permissions Bug: Fixed the bug, that everytime you tried to voicekick someone, even as an admin, Crowby told you that you don't have enough permissions to do that.

  • Wrong argument bug: As far as you mentioned a wrong defined user for an unban, you didn't get an error, nevertheless, that has been fixed now.

  • Mute respond: Fixed the bug that muting others without the needed permission was ignored.

  • Bug: Fixed that the Joinban Mode couldn't be turned off before.

  • Bug: Fixed that the Antijoin Mode couldn't be turned off before.


  • Ping Command: Redesigned the whole ping-command. [before] [after]

  • Help Command: Redesigned the whole help-command. [before] [after]

  • Purge Limit: The Purge limit has been increased from 100 to 500 messages.

  • Bot Cooldown: The Bot cooldown has been reduced from 3 to 1.5 seconds.

  • Unban an user: You can unban users with their ID, Name, Mention, whatever you want.

  • Perm. Check: It now recognizes if the permissions are sufficient when managing a function. To avoid errors, the change will be canceled then.

  • Errorhandling: The Errorhandling of Crowby got updated, everytime an error happens, you receive a new, nicer and compacter error embed, as far as an unexcepted error appears, you also get notified, in this case you receive an errorid (e.g. E932853067438), the developers of Crowby also receive this id, should you have a question about the error or when it's fixed, you can easily send us the Id in a support-ticket. The developers will check the error and tell you when it will be patched.

  • Mute: As far as someone got muted, a muted role will be created, this role will be saved then. You can easily change the name and the color of the role, the Bot will recognize it anyways, if the Bot doesn't it will create a new one and delete the old ID of the database. The Bot will go trough every channel to set the overwrite, everytime you use the mute command, to mute somebody.

  • Hard Mute: Instead of the Jail Command, there's a powerful hardmute command now, the hardmute will mute the certain user and remove all roles of the muted person, the roles won't be restored after an unmute. So the roles of the user are taken and the user won't be able to type anything.

  • Emotes: All Crowby emotes are separately saved on a private server.

  • Recover-System: Every linking's separately arranged, changing specfic variables are easier now.

Crowby 0.13

All Database Entries has been deleted, due our database change, you have to set up the prefix and every mode again.


  • Added the Datekick Feature, read more

  • Added the Jump Command

  • Added the Smirk Command

  • Added the Crazy Command

  • Added the Annoyed Command

  • Added the Pat Command


  • Fixed the Commandlist Link bug on the help-command

  • Fixed some grammatical mistakes

  • Fixed the Badword Bug


  • The design of the Botinfo Command have been changed

  • The design of the Serverinfo Command have been changed

  • The design of the Userinfo Command have been changed

Crowby 0.12


  • Added the typefast command, you can challenge your friends and see who's the faster typer, you can choose between levels, all levels are listed right here and on the sub helpcommand.


  • The sometimes appearing non-response on the help command.

  • You had the possibility to answer to the math(m) commands, after the given cooldown you had, anyways, it's fixed now.

  • The invitelink, to invite Crowby is fixed now.

  • You had the possibility to choose a non-existing level on the math and on the mathmatch command, it's fixed now, you can see all level here and on the sub helpcommand.


  • You won't get direct messages for errors, like permission-errors.

Crowby 0.11


  • We renewed the whole help-command.

  • There are over 10 new fun-commands now.

  • You can delete all invites now!

  • We changed the help command and the sub-commands a little bit!

  • There is a anti-invitelink feature now.

  • There is a anti-badword feature now.

  • We added every idea you gave us and fixed every report.


  • Fixed some gramma mistakes

  • Fixed wrong called modes, for example the antijoin-mode

  • Fixed the prefix change bug with mentioning Crowby

Crowby 0.10


  • There is a voice-kick command now

  • You can report bugs now

  • Changed the Errorhandling System

  • Added the sub-help messages to the userinfo and to the meme command


  • Fixed everything around the Errorhandling of Crowby

  • Some grammatically mistakes